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About Turner Broadcasting

The Turner story starts in 1970 

Ted Turner, then head of a successful Atlanta-based outdoor advertising firm, purchases WJRJ-Atlanta, Channel 17, a small, struggling UHF station. Through careful programming acquisitions, Turner guides the station to success. In December 1976, WTCG originates the "superstation" concept, transmitting via satellite to cable systems. And in 1979, the company changes its name to Turner Broadcasting Systems 

The 80s 

In 1980, the company breaks new ground with the launch of CNN, the first 24-hour all-news network, forever changing the way the world sees breaking news. Today, CNN services reach nearly one billion people around the world. 

The early 90s 

The 90s sees Turner start to go truly global. CNN’s round-the-clock coverage of the Gulf War reaches an unprecedented worldwide audience, marking a new era of international presence. In 1993 we take our entertainment overseas, launching first TNT Latin America, and then TCM and Cartoon Network both domestically and in five languages across Europe. 

The mid and late 90s 

By this point, our international presence is firmly established. TCM and Cartoon Network are reaching 33 countries across Europe, and both channels grow further when distribution starts in the Middle East. CNN also grows across Spain, Turkey and Japan, both on television and online. And, in 1999, CNN Mobile launches, becoming the first mobile television news and information service available globally.
2000 to now 

Now employing 9,000 people worldwide, we create and program news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments for consumers around the world. Our pioneering spirit continues into digital media, with CNN revamping for the internet age and launching major IPTV and VOD outlets. And we’re still pushing geographical boundaries too. In 2008 we produced content in Turkey for the first time, and in 2009 TNT launched in Germany.

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