Contact: David Stephenson

The Laxmi Building
The Tanneries
57 Bermondsey Street

Tel: 07836747814

About Adpoints

Adpoints ( is a ground-breaking start-up company offering a viewer choice advertising service that rewards people for watching and interacting with online video advertising.

Adpoints works in partnership with Nectar – supplier of the nation’s leading loyalty programme.

Adpoints launched in October 2012 featuring Ads from major clients such as Kellogg’s, Unilever, Diageo and forecasts 1.5 million active members within three years. 

Adpoints focuses viewers’ attention, encourages interaction and increases their enjoyment by suggesting relevant Ads and offering viewers control and choice over the Ads they choose to watch.

With comprehensive demographic analysis and direct feedback, advertisers can be confident that they are getting honest, valuable engagement from whichever audience they are trying to reach. The Adpoints experience extends beyond a view – we deliver opinion and telling insights into behaviour and brand preference, with high-volume and engaged traffic being driven through to the advertiser’s or retail partner’s site.

It’s quick, straightforward and effective. With Adpoints, everybody wins!

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