News UK

Site and Social Editor - Sun+ (12mth FTC)

28 Oct 2013
25 Nov 2013
News UK
Full Time
Contract Type

What's the job?
Site and Social Editor

Where do I work?
News UK, Sun+ Perks

Who's my manager?
Digital Engagement Manager

Who reports to me?

Why are we here?
To attract passionate, loyal and valuable customers to our brands.

Marketing and Sales Department
News UK Marketing and Sales is made up of 5 teams all working together to deliver the marketing vision as set out above. We believe that if we test all our activity against this vision we can better achieve our strategic goals:
  • Fuel passion for our brands among customers and staff.
  • Grow volume of repeat, known customers.
  • Deliver and sell the value of audiences.
  • Reduce fixed cost of the marketing operation.
  • Grow total customer revenues.
  • Maximise the life time value of our customers.

What's my personal contribution?
  • To manage all aspects of the Sun+ Perks website and social media content experience.
  • To deliver a great customer experience that also delivers on business targets.
  • To establish and maintain a consistent tone of copy, creative execution and direct social media interaction that delivers on the Sun+ brand values.

What are my accountabilities?
  • Write all copy for Sun+ Perks website and offers.
  • Monitor and oversee the Sun+ Perks website and social media channels to optimise all content and opportunity to its highest potential.
  • Work with the Promotions team to monitor the performance of specific promotions, provide feedback and input ideas for future content development.
  • Oversee any technical or creative updates to the site, working with the site developers to ensure updates are carried out on time and on budget.
  • Work alongside the Digital Engagement manager to come up with new angles and ways to reach out to attract new audiences.
  • Manage all operational processes that drive and support campaigns, keeping accurate records of project plans and actions.
  • Work with the Digital Engagement manager to manage social media personas and accounts on a daily basis maintaining tone of voice and regular customer engagement
  • Encourage collaboration and gain the trust and support of others, actively engaging with people in other teams and departments to solicit their input and ensure their awareness of key projects/initiatives.

Specific responsibilities:
  • Create and upload all offers to Sun+ Perks website ensuring they are presented in line with the brand guidelines.
  • Monitor and oversee the Sun+ Perks product to optimise all content and opportunity to its highest potential, taking the opportunity to monitor all community aspects of the site including the Members Area.
  • Ensure that all queries raised by members are dealt with to the best of your ability in a way that befits the product.
  • Manage and oversee the workload associated with uploading of new offer content each week. Assist in managing volumes, delivery capacity and advise when any potential issues may occur.
  • Fully manage the processes and content for the weekly e-newsletter issued to members, and assist with additional DM or in paper activity
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the tone of voice and house styles associated with Sun+ Perks are maintained at all times in all communications, attempting to document this as the Perks product develops.

Must Haves:

What do I know?
(my skills)
  • Good communication skills and the ability to identify and convey what is important.
  • Excellent copy-writing skills that are consistent across all communications with both the team and partners.
  • A clear understanding of the product and target audience to ensure that content and positioning are correct at all times, and that customers are fully engaged and retained.
  • Knowledge of the product set that is to be managed and passionate about the sector.
  • Good understanding of technology and comfortable with consumer technology.
  • Experience in social media campaigns and growing social networks.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS tools.

What do I show?
(my behaviours)
  • Passionate about the brand and sector.
  • Enthusiastic with a desire to proactively develop ideas to reach new audiences and further engage existing ones.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.